Brother Ted, as he was affectionately called, went to be with his LORD and SAVIOR, December 31, 2011. He had spent most of his life doing his part to obey JESUS CHRIST’s command to “Go ye into all and preach the Gospel to every creature.” After answering the LORD’S call to preach, he attended and graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He pastored two churches in the Fort Worth area before he responded to the moving of the HOLY SPIRIT and started Cowboys For Christ in 1970, which at that time was one of the very first cowboy ministries.

Backed and supported by loyal members of Cowboys For Christ, he appeared at horse shows, rodeos, meetings, conventions, TV shows, groups, churches, and other scheduled appointments in his cowboys boots, Wranglers, and Stetson hat top proclaim the WORD OF GOD. Brother Ted was the editor and publisher of The Christian Ranchman, a Christian tabloid newspaper directed to the livestock industry that shares the WORD OF GOD through testimonies and teachings from its readers that are all across the nation and all around the world.

Tribute to Ted Pressley
from Dave Harvey who is now serving as President of Cowboys For Christ

It was a great honor to be a friend, a ministering partner, and a spiritual brother to Ted Pressley. Brother Ted was my hero for thirty years, and I was major blessed to have the privilege of telling him that before he moved up to his heavenly position to be with the LORD. In 1970 Brother Ted not only heard the call of the LORD to go into the cowboy ministry, but he responded with “MASTER, at THY WORD I will do as YOU command.” He founded Cowboys For Christ. Because of Brother Ted being an obedient servant literally hundreds of thousands of lives have been touched by JESUS CHRIST through a ministry that has spanned the globe and sparked spiritual fires across this nation.

As I reflect on the many years of fellowship, the many miles of traveling, and the many hours of ministering together with a true pioneer of the cowboy ministry there are a multitude of fond memories and a feeling of mission accomplished because when Brother Ted went preaching, souls got saved. To the Cowboys and Cowgirls who were blessed to hear him preach, don’t forget him and to those that didn’t, you really missed a great opportunity to hear the WORD OF GOD, Ted Pressley style. I pray that each one of us that have received the call into the cowboy ministry will be just a small portion as dynamic, anointed and fruitful as Brother Ted.

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